What is a Dink and Dine Event?

It is a tournament open to all levels of play and the players come from all around the area to enter. Each month the format might vary. Sign up to enjoy the fun! Each player also brings a dish to share.... so you can play a little, eat a little, play a little..... you get the idea. The top three teams or individuals in each level are recognized with the top team or person receiving a traveling trophy.

Fun is always had by all!! A special thank you goes out to Jill Perry, who is the amazing organizer for the events. What a success they have been!

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2023 Pickleball Dink and Dine Events

Mark your calendars now for this year's Dink and Dines!

October 7 & 8

LOCATION: Model School Courts, Greene Road, Goshen
COST: $10/person (money raised going towards ball purchases and court improvements)

  • The beginner level will always be Switch Doubles round robin format.  This means you don't have to come with a partner.  You will play with a different partner each game.
  • The intermediate level will sometimes be switch doubles, and sometimes will be partner doubles, where you will need to find a partner to play with the entire time.  Some partner play will be mixed and some will be any sex partner; notification of which type will be in the individual fliers that go out each month.
  • The Advanced level will always be partner play.  Some partner play will be mixed and some will be any sex partner; notification of which type will be in the individual fliers that go out each month.
These dates have been approved by the Goshen Park Department, and have been set taking into consideration all local tourneys that have published their dates as of this announcement.  Mother's Day is May 14, but no other date worked.  Hopefully we will still have lots of participation!

Recent Events

September 2023 Dink and Dine Event – September 9 & 10

 September's Dink and Dine had beautiful weather and great play.

Saturday's Dink and Dine for Beginner and Intermediate Levels:
We had 9 beginner players who played a switch doubles Round Robin to 11, win by 2.  After the completion of the round robin, we held a playoff tourney based on the RR results.  Winners were:
Bryce Kramp                  GOLD
Mike Gropp                   SILVER
Pam Gropp                    BRONZE
Najwa Wimmer              4th
Also on Saturday we held a team tourney for the Intermediate Level.  We had 8 teams in a Round Robin tourney, one game to 11, win by 2.  At the conclusion of the RR play, the teams were seeded and played a single elimination medal match, one game to 11, win by 2.  Winners of the Intermediate Team tourney were:
Jackie and Tom Krull                                 GOLD
Jessica Kramp and Jayden Palma            SILVER
Susan and Patrick Bevilacqua                  BRONZE
Kris Schlagenhauf and Tyler Hoffman      4th
Sunday's Dink and Dine for the Advanced Level:
We had 17 teams of players divided into 2 pools, pool 1 had 8 teams, pool 2 had 9 teams.  We played an initial Round Robin tourney, first to 11, win by 2.  After the completion of the RR, teams were seeded, and the top 4 teams in each pool played a single elimination medal match tourney.  Winners were:
Nicole Hanlon / Dan Boussum                GOLD
Terri Counterman / Jerry Cunningham    SILVER
Monica Lemons / Seth Scholfield            BRONZE
Congratulations to all who came and played, with special accolades to all winners!
Next Dink and Dine is Saturday, October 7, switch doubles for beginner level and team doubles for Intermediate level.  The Intermediate team doubles will be a maximum of 8 Women's doubles teams and 8 Men's doubles teams,  meaning there will be women's teams, playing other women's teams, and men's teams playing other men's teams.
Sunday, October 8, is women's team doubles, 10 teams, and,
Men's team doubles, 10 teams.
Sign up will be on Google sheets (Link below), email Jill at [email protected], or call Jill at 574-536-6141.
This will be the last Dink and Dine of the season!!  See you all next year starting in May!


Beginner/Novice Level

Intermediate Level

Advanced Level