What is a Dink and Dine Event?

It is a tournament open to all levels of play and the players come from all around the area to enter. Each month the format might vary. Sign up to enjoy the fun! Each player also brings a dish to share.... so you can play a little, eat a little, play a little..... you get the idea. The top three teams or individuals in each level are recognized with the top team or person receiving a traveling trophy.

Fun is always had by all!! A special thank you goes out to Jill Perry, who is the amazing organizer for the events. What a success they have been!

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Recent Events

May 2022

The first outdoor Dink and Dine Event of 2022 was held on Saturday, May 14th and Sunday, May 15th. There was spectacular play in both the intermediate and the Advanced levels.  Everyone that played should be commended for their sportsmanship and play!  And, the food was great also, as usual!

Saturday - Intermediate level 22 players competed in switch doubles winners:

GOLD - Tim Hartzell
SILVER - Jim Evans
BRONZE - Cheryl Caffee
4th place - Anika Wedel

Sunday - Advanced level 18 teams (36 individuals) competed in team play

GOLD - Steve Betts and David George
SILVER - Nick Wittendorf and Carter Wittendorf
BRONZE - Roger Hershberger and Doug Perry
4th place - Rose Kirkconnell and Donnie Kirkconnell



Intermediate Level

Advanced Level