What is a Dink and Dine Event?

It is a tournament open to all levels of play and the players come from all around the area to enter. Each month the format might vary. Sign up to enjoy the fun! Each player also brings a dish to share.... so you can play a little, eat a little, play a little..... you get the idea. The top three teams or individuals in each level are recognized with the top team or person receiving a traveling trophy.

Fun is always had by all!! A special thank you goes out to Jill Perry, who is the amazing organizer for the events. What a success they have been!

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Upcoming 2022 Events

October 1 & 2
Saturdays are always for Beginner and Intermediates. Sundays are always Advanced.

Recent Events

September 2022

Saturday, September 10th, turned out to be a beautiful day for pickleball - no rain!  We ended up having 24 players in the Intermediate group (2 pools of 12 players each), and 6 Novice players.

Winners in the Novice group were:

Matthew Elias - GOLD
Cathi Auger - SILVER
Sherri Kramp - BRONZE

For the Intermediate group, we took the top two winners in each pool and had a playoff.  Each person played with and against the 3 other players.

In great and very close matches, winners were:

Donna Wiktorowski         GOLD
Jaime Rivera                   SILVER
Jeff Wertz                        BRONZE
Don DeGroff                    4th

The play was exceptional! See a video of the finals - to the right...

The Advanced tourney on Sunday, September 11th, didn't fare as well.  Rain all day made us cancel it for the first time ever!


Beginner/Novice Level

Intermediate Level

Intermediate Level Finals -
September 11, 2022