What is a Dink and Dine Event?

It is a tournament open to all levels of play and the players come from all around the area to enter. Participants choose a partner and play with the same person all throughout the event. Each player also brings a dish to share.... so you can play a little, eat a little, play a little..... you get the idea. The top three teams in each level are recognized with the top team receiving a traveling trophy.

Fun is always had by all!! A special thank you goes out to Jill Perry, who is the amazing organizer for the events. What a success they have been!

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January 2020

We had 56 players attending our first Dink and Dine of 2020! That is the biggest D&D in our history! There were 10 Novice players, 27 Intermediate players (divided into 3 pools of 9 players each), and 19 Advanced players (divided into 2 pools of 9 and 10 players each). The food was amazing and the play was great! Winners were:

Gold - John Hulewicz (not pictured)
Silver - Willard Snyder
Bronze - Sandy Lehman

Gold - Bob Overmyer
Silver - Brian Helbling
Bronze - Virgil Storm

Gold - Roger Hershberger
Silver - Mindy Yoder
Bronze - Amber Illingworth

I would like to thank all those who helped stripe courts (Doug Friesen and Doug Perry), and to those players who took charge and ran their individual pools so we could keep all matches on track. They were: Mark George - Novice; Randi Yoder and Anita Yoder - Intermediate; Mindy Yoder and Amber Illingworth - Advanced. I would also like to thank those of you who stayed to help clean up. It is greatly appreciated! Thank you to Eastlake Athletic Club and Devon Papa for allowing us to host our tourney at your club. And the biggest thank you goes to all of you for coming and playing and making our Dink and Dines so great and so much fun! Thank you all!


Winners - Novice

Winners - Advanced

Winners - Intermediate


August 2019

August 30th was a beautiful day for a PB tourney, and the Warsaw PB group and the Goshen PBer's took full advantage of it! We had a great turnout with 40 players participating in 2 skill levels! There were 11 advanced teams and 9 intermediate teams. Thank you Warsaw for allowing us to host this tourney with you on 8 beautiful PB courts! Everyone had a wonderful time, and got plenty of great pickleball!

Winners of the Intermediate Level were:

1st place - Randi Yoder and Tim Hartzel

2nd place - Anita Yoder and Jill Perry

3rd place - Patsy and Bob Overmyer

Winners of the Advanced Level were:

1st place - Mindy Yoder and Gabe Lopez

2nd place - Bryan Wentz and Victor Hernandez

3re place - Amber Illingworth and Seth Scholfield

It was a lot of fun holding a PB tournament with Warsaw, and I hope we can do it again sometime soon! Thank you Warsaw for all your work getting everything ready and hosting our first D&D joint event!

July 2019

We had a great turnout for the July event. There were a total of 24 teams divided into 3 divisions. Fun was had by all.


Novice division - We had 5 teams. A big thanks goes to Karen Miller Rush for running this division.

  • 1st place - Sarah Rush and Evan Davis
  • 2nd place - Phil Rush and Karen Miller Rush
  • 3rd place - David M. and Jennlyn G.

Intermediate division - We had 8 teams. Pat Shaffer did a great job of running it.

  • 1st place - Brie and Brian H.
  • 2nd place is Ernie Keller and Bob Replogle.
  • 3rd place was Eldijana Poskovic and Braque K.

Advanced division - We had 11 teams.

  • 1st place - Gabe Lopez and Bryan Wentz
  • 2nd place - Dan Schlobohm and Ryan Cutter
  • 3rd place Sarah E. White and Philip Endris

Thanks again for all the great play and can’t wait for next month dink and dine!


June 2019

We had a wonderful day for our first Dink and Dine of the year!  There were 6 teams in the combined Intermediate and Advanced I group, and 10 teams in the Advanced II group.  That meant that we had all 8 courts playing!  We had lots of fun, food and play and we raised $320 to be given to the Goshen Park Dept. for upkeep of our courts (Receipt of Donation).  They've done such a wonderful job of providing us great courts to play on, and will resurface the courts sometime soon (still no exact starting date for the resurfacing).  But, thanks to them for providing the new wind screens all around the courts.  They were a big help yesterday since it was so windy!

Winners of the Intermediate/Advanced I group were:

  • 1st place - Anita and Randi Yoder
  • 2nd place - Pat Shaffer and Tim Hartzell
  • 3rd place - Bob Overmyer and Shane Kline

Winners of the Advanced II group were:

  • 1st place - Doug Homan and Young Heo
  • 2nd place - Amber Illingworth and John Schrader
  • 3rd place - Seth Schofield and Shane Dyer
Anita & Randy Yoder
IMG_3710 web
IMG_3708 web
Doug Homan & Young Heo
Doug Homan & Young Heo


There were four different levels of play, so the participants had a choice where to enter. The  Winners were:


  • 1st place- Brenda Linky/Betsy Sudoff
  • 2nd place - Sandi Clark/Laurie Blough
  • 3rd place - Sam/Dominic DeHaven


  • 1st place- Ben Illingworth/Randy Bicard
  • 2nd place - Patsy and Bob Overmyer
  • 3rd place - Anne Keller/Lu Ann Replogle

Dink and Dine Event

September 2018

Thanks everyone for coming. We had 17 teams and an absolute beautiful day for playing pickleball! Food was fabulous as always. Anne Griffith even brought food, but couldn't stay to play! What a sweetie! We had multiple players from Warsaw, Elkhart Athletic Club, and Fort Wayne, some of who placed.

Advanced I:

  • 1st place - Ernie Keller/ Matt Lind
  • 2nd place - Sandy and Roy Wentz
  • 3rd place - Todd Berkey/Tim Hartzler

Advanced II:

  • 1st place - Amber Illingworth/Gabe Lopez
  • 2nd place - Roger Hershberger/Steven Hershberger
  • 3rd place - Seth Schofield/ Steve Betts

The weather was terrible outside, but it was great INDOORS at our October "Dink and Dine", the Halloween Happening. Registration started out a little slow, but at the end, we had 44 costumed pickleball players! Breakdown by skill level was: 8 Novice, 10 Intermediate, 14 Advanced I, and 12 Advanced II players.

Costumes were really great, but many had to shed their disguises to be able to play. This year (unbeknownst to anyone) we had a prize for the best costume. Zach from EAC was kind enough to tally the results for us, and it turned out to be a tie! Eastlake provided the prize for 1st place, and it was a really great prize for any pickleball player - a 10 pass pickleball card!!! That is a value of $20 - $70 depending on age and club membership or non-membership. Thank you, thank you EASTLAKE! Winners were Pat Shaffer as a mummy and Amber Illingworth as Harlequin, Joker's girlfriend. Since we only had 1 - 10 pass, we cut it in half, and they each will receive a 5 pass.

We had sooo much food, mostly sweets (I'm sure because of Halloween), that every one went home full and on a sugar high!

Play was exceptional! The groups seemed to have great play and lots of fun!

Dink and Dine Event

October 2018

Winners for each group are listed below:


  • 1st place - Mallory Niblock
  • 2nd place - Larry Harris
  • 3rd place - Sharon Harris


  • 1st place - Don Monroe
  • 2nd place - Sandy Wentz
  • 3rd place - Anita Yoder and George Cox

Advanced I:

  • 1st place - Taylor Clark
  • 2nd place - Matt Lind
  • 3rd place - Roy Wentz

Advanced II:

  • 1st place - Shane Dyer
  • 2nd place - Almir Tucek
  • 3rd place - Amber Illingworth

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